And myself, I wonder do what?

Though not matter, it is not good even if.

Therefore I wonder to Read more.

Personality change.

Or was the large due to the surrounding environment.

Also there is no need reason to live.

But, I exist here.

Could it be the why.

More than anything else to not desired.

There are also negative whereabouts also no.

Only the kind of thing are looking for a place to die, might be.






Vous voulez à disparaître.

Vous voulez mourir.

Comment même est bon.

Et il n'y a plus de disparition.

Pour le fond marin.

La sombrer et tomber.

Ne disparaître.

Rien sans.

Non désiré.

Existence vide de sens.

Troublant, ce est parce que seules les personnes.

Le fond sombre.

Vous voulez avoir coulé.

If you are living as dead.

Just was hard.

The dream had been lost if the care.

Myself even lost, Who or even ambiguous.

Who are you that disappeared that day?

The wonder if good to be alive.

I had somehow thought.

I and he does not need in this world.

And let die because ask.

And because it's a pain alive.

Alone I'm already unpleasant.

I continue to kill me in a bad habit.

You are not can only be hurt.